Games Workshop Delaque Gang 300-36 - Necromunda - B07KZPQFHP

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    • Games Workshop Delaque Gang 300-36 - Necromunda - B07KZPQFHP
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  • Build a full gang from the most secretive Clan House with one box, Arm your gang from a selection of over 30 weapons, including options exclusive to House Delaque, Individualise your gangers with a range of poses, heads and accessories

  • Conquer the underhive with stealth, subterfuge and sabotage with the new plastic Delaque gang!
    While other Clan Houses proudly proclaim their strengths, proclaiming their dominance to all who will listen, Delaque silently waits and watches, leaving others to wonder what dark thoughts the House of Secrets harbours.
    Lovingly designed to update the classic Necromunda gang, this kit allows you to build a deadly squad of Delaque gangers.
    Inside, you'll find a huge range of customisation options, allowing you to equip each ganger with deadly and unusual weapons, including exotic options like the longrifle and flechette pistol.
    A host of heads and accessories, meanwhile, allow you to personalise each ganger and ensure no two look alike.
    In short if you've got your rules and you're raring to kick off your Delaque gang or you're bolstering an existing force, this is the place to start.
    This box contains 10 multipart plastic Delaque gangers and 10x 25mm Necromunda bases.
    Rules for your Delaque gang can be found in Necromunda Gangs of the Underhive and the December 2018 issue of White Dwarf.

    Games Workshop Delaque Gang 300-36 - Necromunda - B07KZPQFHP

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